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The Green Turtle Diving Center is ready to welcome you for a day! See the available booking options below and contact us if you have any questions. One of our team members will be happy to help you.

Scuba Equipment

Equipment Rental

At the Green Turtle Diving Center, several options depending on your needs and your level of experience. Schedule your Equipment rental in advance to secure your spot.


A set of experiments forever. The chance to come face to face with a Manta Ray or maybe even with a huge and friendly Whale Shark is real in Santo Antão arguably one of best island for diving in Cape Verde. Nurse Sharks, one of very few species of sharks that can be properties without suffocating and companions in most of our spots, allow endless possibilities to photographers, or even any diver who ever lived the thrill of being a few inches of a so beautiful specimen and top predator. Biodiversity is quantity is such that often feels more like being in a huge aquarium, completely surrounded by movement and color, where each moment is unique and indescribable!


All SSI trainings courses are available at Santo Antao,


All the courses are given by qualified, competent and attentive professionals in a pleasant, relaxed and secure atmosphere.

We offer complete training courses, adapted to your objectives and projects. To initiate yourself and discover scuba diving, to become a diver, to improve your skills through a wide choice of specialties or even to change your life by becoming a Instructor.

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